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Explore the beautiful island of Ammouliani, discover its fascinating history and discover activities and experiences you can enjoy here.


The island of Ammouliani is the only inhabited island in Chalkidiki and central Macedonia, with a population of about 600 people.

It is located in the gulf formed between the second and third leg of Chalkidiki, opposite Mount Athos and Ouranoupolis. It is 130 kilometers away from Thessaloniki and is connected by ferry to the opposite port of Tripiti. The ferry routes are regular every day.

On this small island of just 4.5 square kilometers, you will find a combination of golden fine sand and turquoise water and dense vegetation. It has been for years the ideal destination for those who wish to enjoy moments of tranquility and enchanting views.


The history of Ammouliani is inextricably linked to the tradition of Mount Athos.

Ammouliani island until the beginning of 1925 belonged to the Monastery of Mount Athos. There were some monks on the island along with some workers from the surrounding area. Their main occupations included land cultivation, animal husbandry and olive harvesting.

In 1925 the island was granted to Asia Minor refugees from the islands of Propontida (Pasalimani, Galimis and Skoupia), who were also the first official inhabitants of the island. Along with Asia Minor tradition and customs, refugees brought to the island special culinary recipes, as well as knowledge of the art of fishing. Objects and relics from that time can be found in the Folklore Museum of the island, where they are kept on display.


Awarded with blue flags, the beaches of Ammouliani are ideal for those who enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters.

Those who have visited Ammouliani will find it difficult to say anything negative about its beaches. Light golden sand and turquoise waters are the hallmark of the island. After all, it is no coincidence that the island took its name from the characteristic sandy beaches with fine sand.

Waters ideal for diving, fishing and diving, rightly make Ammouliani the hidden diamond of Halkidiki. The most popular beaches are Alykes, Karagatsia, Megali Ammos, Agios Georgios and Kalopigado. Most are organized, with beach bars and taverns nearby.

For those planning to rent a boat, the islands of Drenia or Gaidouronissia are a must visit. Situated between Ammouliani and Ouranoupolis, they are known for their lush waters.


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